Colloqui Europei sulla Mediazione IT | EN

Siamo lieti di informare che il Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza dell’Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca (UniMIB) ed il Centro Europeo di Mediazione per l’Europa, il Mediterraneo ed il Medio Oriente (CEM) hanno organizzato Colloqui Europei sulla Mediazione evento che si terrà dal 13 al 17 luglio 2020. Vi invitiamo a scaricare il programma. Segnaliamo che vi è […]

La Cour européenne d'Arbitrage au VIS Moot

The President of the European Court of Arbitration, Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, and a Council Member, Ruggero Rubino-Sammartano, have attended this year’s Vis Moot to which more than 300 university teams from all over the world have participated. The President has been sitting as arbitrator on various Moot Sessions, while the Council Member was a coach of […]

The Most Favorized Nation Clause at Stake

In a very recent OECD conference in Paris, the issue was raised whether the most favored national clause should be abolished from BITs since it is the object of abuse. One could add that – apart from abuse of the most favored national clause – the latter created obligations for the Host State, which may have […]

The Cyprus Judges Association invites the Cyprus CEAM to a Conference on ‘Arbitration, Mediation and the Judiciary

The Cyprus Judges Association invited the Cyprus Chapter of the European Court of Arbitration (CEAM) to a Conference on ‘Arbitration, Mediation and the Judiciary’, which was held on Thursday, 8 February 2018, at the Supreme Court of Cyprus in Nicosia. Cypriot Judges had the opportunity to hear Mr. Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, the President of the European […]

A Rather Unexpected Ruling

In Dima y Gelesa c. Interurbano de Prensa, the Tribunal Superior de Justicia, Madrid, on February 28, 2017, has issued the rather unexpected ruling. During the challenge proceedings of an award, the parties had agreed to waive the challenge. The Court held that, once the Court is seized of a challenge against an award, the […]

Qualification as Arbitrator

In Tonic Star c. Allianz, the arbitration agreement required, for the appointment of the arbitrator, “not less than ten years experience of insurance or reinsurance”. A QC with more than 10 years experience in such a field was appointed as arbitrator. He was challenged on the ground that experience has to be in the business […]

Quick or Summary Arbitral Procedure to Dismiss Unmeritorious Claims

Following SIA and SCC, even ICC has emphasized in its Notes on the Conduct of Arbitration under the ICC Rules that arbitral tribunals have the authority to determine “manifestly unmeritorious claims or defenses on an expedite basis”. This is the result of its construction of Art. 22 of its Rules which provides that the arbitral […]

Doubts as to Emergency Arbitration

The Emergency Arbitration rules which were introduced in Singapore and Hong Kong, then by the ICC, in the waive of the Uncitral Model Law revision, which provides for enforcement of emergency arbitration awards is nevertheless a source of doubts. First as to the nature of emergency awards, i.e. whether they are real arbitration awards and […]

New Ukrainian Legislation and the requirement of written evidence of an arbitration agreement

Law no. 2147-VIII of 15 December 2017, which has reformed arbitration law in Ukraine, has provided inter alia that it is expressly allowed to enter into an arbitral agreement by an exchange of electronic communications. Is this in line with Art. II of the New York Convention 1958, which provides that the term “agreement in […]

The Wroclaw Court of Appeal and the special ICC rules for the appointment of arbitrators when a party is a State

This Polish Court of Appeal has set aside an ICC award on the grounds that the defendant (a Polish municipality) would have been affected by a non-compliance by the ICC with its rules on the appointment of arbitrators. The arbitrator who had been appointed was, as requested by the Claimant, not connected with Polish entities […]