The Costs of Arbitration

* The above estimated fees are subject to possible adjustments within the range of minimum and maximum fees’ range related to the value in dispute.  Particular circumstances, amongst which the behavours of the parties, during the proceedings, that will be carefully examined, may justifiy adjustaments upon the requests of the Arbitral Tribunal.

To said amount VAT – if applicable – accessories and all costs related and connected (including possible taxes) have to be added

The European Court of Arbitration has clear in mind is aware of the importance of the costs of an arbitral proceedings for the parties. 

It recommends to appoint has opted fora sole arbitrator for this is reason. In fact it reduces the costs by about 66%. also why, unless the parties chose differently. Other reasons for that are that the proceedings may be faster and avoid the frequent disputes as to the neutrality of A sole Arbitrator is usually more efficient, more straight forward without the need of the fight between party appointed arbitrators, and.

In addition to this the Court’s arbitrators’ fees are reasonable and aim to find a balance between quality and cost, as it may be seen in CEA’s Schedule of Fees and of Costs.

One can use the calculator to have an idea of the costs and fees of a proceeding which be administered by the European Court of Arbitration.