The European Court of Arbitration’s mission is :

  • to administer arbitral proceedings in a spirit of service to the parties above any other goal;
  • to contribute in a friendly way with any other similar institution to create a culture of arbitration and of mediation.

The courage of being innovative

Since its origin, which goes back to the 50’s, the European Court of Arbitration is an arbitral institution devoted to improving arbitration and to make it a more efficient and useful ADR tool possible.

Having as its goal to serve, the European Court of Arbitration has more than once opted for solutions that differ from many other arbitral Institutions and sometimes has gone against the mainstream, such as the intra arbitration appellate tribunal and notion of international arbitration.

Along this line, CEA has opted for a sole arbitrator clause, which parties may opt out.

  • the requirement that the arbitrators file their decision within 9 months (with only two possible extensions, each for a maximum of 6 months, granted only if exceptional circumstances occur).
  • an appellate arbitral tribunal
  • to ask arbitrators to issue CEA’s Pledge to the parties and to accept its code of ethics.

CEA is simultaneously an international and local arbitration centre

A unique Global and Local Court

In the worldwide arbitral landscape, CEA appears to be effectively an transnational Court and to play a significant role also in various single countries.