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Benefits of the European Court of Arbitration's Membership

Becoming a member of the European Centre of Arbitration and Mediation means becoming part of an open community passionate to arbitration.

All members receive, after their registration, The European Court of Arbitration Card.

Being a member allows

  • to have access to The European Court of Arbitration training courses at a discounted rate ;
  • to have full access to The European Court of Arbitration information, news, documents ;
  • to be informed in advance as to The European Court of Arbitration’s activities ;
  • to receive its online bulletin “Med-Mid Arbitration and Mediation Reports ;
  • to participate to its domestic seminars and international conference.
  • The Members who distinguish themselves for merits receive the The European Court of Arbitration Pin.


Please fill in the form on this page in order to apply for Membership at the European Court of Arbitration.

You will receive an email with the confirmation of your status of the application. Your profile on will be immediately created and your email address will be added to our mailing list.

You will further receive confirmation of the final approval of your membership from the European Court of Arbitration’s Board.

The required fee for admission will be billed immediately; should there be any issue with your application, and therefore your membership rejected, a full refund will be issued.

Payment and Security

Payment can only be made by credit card. Credit card data and payment are managed by Stripe on their servers for best security and efficiency. The European Court of Arbitration does not have access to your credit card data and does not handle any part of the payment.

Should you need any assistance with payment (i.e. payment by wire transfer), please contact us before submitting your application.  


Invoice will be issued according to the data provided in the application form, and only after the final approval of your profile

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