The Arbitrator’s Pledge

The Arbitrator’s Approach

The approach of the arbitrator, in line with the philosophy of the European Court of Arbitration, is focused on the service to be rendered to the parties.

Potential arbitrators are invited to openly state their views on various issues to allow the parties  to make a more informed assessment of the profile of the arbitrator who will be appointed.

Arbitrator's Pledge to the Parties

I hereby undertake towards any party which will appoint me as an arbitrator that, when acting as an arbitrator, I shall:
  • disclose any past, present or potential future professional or personal link of which I am aware with any of the parties, its stakeholders, managers, staff, any of its associated company and counsel and with my co- arbitrators;
  • remain fully independent, impartial and neutral during such proceedings and for two years after the award; bear in mind at any time that my fundamental task is to render justice, in compliance with the applicable law and/or rules;
  • request the parties not to raise useless or totally ungrounded oppositions and motions, and not to behave in a delaying or obstructive way and I shall sanction such possible behavior, such as in the costs award; send to the parties the attached List of Questions in order that they express their expectations as to the conduct of the proceedings; invite the parties to enter into a stipulation covering procedure, time and costs;
  • conduct the proceedings very diligently and with all due expedition and deliver the award (except in very extraordinary situations, which I will state and certify), within nine months after my appointment;
  • ensure that the right of the parties
    • to present their case,
    • to call the relevant oral evidence,
    • to examine and cross-examine the witnesses,
    • as well as in respect of all relevant documentary evidence (the production of useless documents being subject to sanctions in terms of costs), be fully respected;
  • to devote to the proceedings all the time which is necessary;
  • to discharge personally my task as arbitrator;
  • to treat in strict confidence the proceedings and anything which is said or produced in such proceedings, as well as the award; and
  • respond to the Questionnaire as per attachment.
  • to tax fees of Counsel for the victorious party (or of each party – if each of them will be ordered to bear its costs), up to a maximum of *** times (and, in very special circumstances to be stated and certified by myself, up to **** times), the fees which the parties have agreed or are due as to such proceedings to myself as sole arbitrator or as a member of the Arbitral Tribunal;

Questionnaire to the Arbitrator

On-line Submission

You can submit the Arbitrator’s on-line, by filling the form and sending it. Otherwise you may contact us. 


To better understand the importance of the Pledge, you may consult the article The Arbitrator’s Pledge, that was published on The American Review of International Arbitration