Mediation Centre of Europe

How the Mediation Centre operates?

Board of Directors

The European Centre of Arbitration and Mediation is governed by the Board of Directors, which consists of
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, President
•    François Ruhlmann, Vice President
•    Diego Munoz-Cobo, Secretary General
•    Didier Spitzer, Treasurer
•    Frank Harold Heintz, Vice Secretary General
•    Yves Strickler
•    Nicolas Rontchevsky
•    Michel Kahn
•    Federico Antich
•    M. Jochen Bauerreis,
•    M. Sami Hazoug
•    M. Richard Techel
•    Giuseppe Caravita di Toritto
•    Ruggero Rubino-Sammartano
•    Presidenti e Segretari Delegazioni
•    The Presidents and the Secretaries of the Chapters

National Chapters

The Mediation Centre of Europe, of the Mediterranean and of the Middle East has national chapters in various countries. Other National Delegations are in the process of being formed.

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