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We bring on the table more than 50 years of experience
Clear rules from the start
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proven throughout the years

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Intra-European BITs

The European Court of Justice has ruled on 6 March 2018 in Slovakia Republic v. Achmea BV, that provisions on investor State arbitration in bilateral investment treaties between EU Member States are incompatible with EU Law. They in fact allow arbitrators to decide issues, without matters of EU law being decided by ECJ, which has

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Crowdsourcing and the prediction of judgments

The result of the study of various crowd models applied to the prediction of the US Supreme Court judgments has given the result that such prediction may be made “accurately and robustly”   (Crowdsourcing accurately and robustly predicts Supreme Court decisions, D.M. Katz, M.J. Bommano and J. Blackman, Earxiv 1712.03846U1 [physics soc. Ph.], 11 December

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