Justice in 9 months
Clear calendar and transparent procedures
for a quicker and definitive resolution
Technical expertise
and sound judgment
We bring on the table more than 50 years of experience
Clear rules from the start
Solid and established set of rules
proven throughout the years

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The extrajudicial resolution of commercial and telecommunication disputes: the relationship between mediation, conciliation and the civil proceeding

Debating best practices and future scenarios The Regional Committee for Communications of Lazio (CORECOM Lazio) in collaboration with the Center de Médiation de l’Europe, de la Méditerranée et du Moyen Orient – Italian Delegation (CEM), is the promoter of a series of seminars focused on civil and commercial mediation and conciliation in the telecommunications sector.

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Tunis Conference

Our institution has co-sponsored a conference organized by the University of Tunis on institutional arbitration at Gammarth (La Mersa). The speeches by Prof. Filali Osman and Prof. Najet Brahmi were followed, amongst others, by Prof. Malik Laazouzi (Lyon) on investment arbitration. Our Main Points were presented by the President. The Qatar Arbitration Centre attended with

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Conference at the University of Alcalà

Our Spanish Chapter has cosponsored a conference on strategies on arbitration and mediation, organized by the University of Alcalà, which is one of the two oldest Spanish Universities, founded by Cardinal Cisneros, who was the Counsellor to the Spanish Throne. The University building bears the coat of arms of Emperor Charles V. At this conference,

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